• General Contractor

    Construction and installation works “key ready”
  • General Designer

    All design sections
  • technical Client

    All initial permit documentation
General Contract

We are the General Constructor with an integrated approach to project execution. The company pays special attention to the organization of qualified construction management, quality of technologies, materials and equipment used in the construction process.

Technical Client

At the request of the Client our Customer Service can prepare and execute all initial permit documentation, and complex commissioning works of the completed construction project.

General Design

Our design team is able to carry out design works of any complexity. The team consists of specialists from all necessary Design Departments. Employees of the company regularly attend skill development courses and seminars.

Project administration

One of the services of our company is management of construction at all stages of the process. Our specialists have a wide experience in law, design and construction, undertake the functions of a Technical Client and provide cost-effective solutions in the field of capital construction.


We will carry out all kinds of construction and installation works in a quality manner and within the contract period, and we will get the commissioning permit for a new building. The result of our cooperation will be a property that meets all your expectations.

Utility facilities

We design and install any kind of utility equipment.

We offer
AN INTEGRATED APPROACH Our high-priority task is to carry out a successful commissioning of the property. A complex solution allows to receive a quality product at a sustainable use of money and time resources.
  • Motor-car industry enterprises;
  • Food facilities;
  • Heavy equipment industry enterprises;
  • Light industry enterprises;
  • Light and heavy engineering industry enterprises.
CIVIL ENGINEERING We carry out construction works in a timely manner, professionally, in a strict accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. A fundamental premise for the successful construction of buildings is quality design works.


Our company is one of the largest contractors in Nizhny Novgorod in the field of design and construction of industrial warehousing and commercial property. As a result of a vast experience and competent engineering personnel, we are ready to offer the Customer a “key ready” solution, including General Design, General Contract and Technical Client Services.
Industrial construction
Civil engineering

Our company is our people.

The company staff includes graduates and talented specialists that work in design, engineering, construction, production and administrative departments. Continuous professional development of employees helps them to achieve professional and career growth. We aspire to self-development and willingly share our experience with others. We are proud of our professional team!










Our company has all the necessary competencies and constantly works to improve the quality of services, products, and the efficiency of production processes.
  • Tolerances
  • Quality control
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Technical Client
It’s amazing! Nobody could approve the construction of the site so quickly. I recommend!
Vladimir Chizhkov | General director
I recommend this contractor! The activity is characterized by a clear interaction with approving units, the exact fulfillment of contractual obligations.
Vladimir Sokolov | Construction Director
High appreciation Our company highly appreciates the personnel and the work: NN Construction is our long-standing and reliable partner performing the functions of the contractor.
Oleg Petrov | Executive Director