At the request of the Client, LLC “PTSSR” can prepare and execute all initial permit documentation, and complex commissioning works of the completed construction project.


Our design team is able to carry out design works of any complexity. The team consists of specialists from all necessary Design Departments. Employees of the company regularly attend skill development courses and seminars.

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We are the General Constructor with an integrated approach to project execution. The company pays special attention to the organization of qualified construction management, quality of technologies, materials and equipment used in the construction process.

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At the request of the Client our Customer Service can prepare and execute all initial permit documentation, and complex commissioning works of the completed construction project.

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The teams of PCSR LLC will correctly and at the appointed time assemble and mount metal structures of any complexity.

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One of the services of our company is management of construction at all stages of the process. Our specialists have a wide experience in law, design and construction, undertake the functions of a Technical Client and provide cost-effective solutions in the field of capital construction.


The building will be a lifeless accumulation of structures without the feeding utility networks. PCSR LLC performs installation and commissioning of all types of utility systems.

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A set of measures aimed to control the provision of the required quality of construction and installation works, volumes, costs and deadlines.


Complex management of the cost of the construction project. The main goal of this service is to provide optimal indicators of the cost of a capital construction project at each stage of its implementation, from the design to putting the project into operation.


During the technical expertise of the construction site and all its elements, experts determine the current state, identify any inconsistencies, violations of construction technologies, defects, non-compliance with the terms of contracts, risks, and predict the possible consequences.


At the beginning of the set of works, our company will render services for the selection and development of a land plot for construction, if necessary. In addition, we will collect all Approval Documentation, prepare the Scope of Works and create a concept design. At this stage, we develop the concept of the future building, determine the budget and the timing of the project.


Within the framework of design and survey works, we will perform engineering surveys on the land plot, obtain all Technical Specifications and develop the Design Documentation for the non-departmental expertise in order to obtain a Building Permit and perform construction and installation works.


We will carry out all kinds of construction and installation works in a quality manner and within the contract period, and we will get the commissioning permit for a new building. Yes, we are ready to undertake all these services! The result of our cooperation will be a property that meets all your expectations.

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