Installation of enclosure structures

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Construction Services // Installation of enclosure structures //

Installation of enclosure structures is an integral stage of building construction. They include building structures that limit the volume of the building (structure) and divide it into separate premises. The main types of enclosure structures are: walls, floorings, coverings, filling openings, partitions, etc. This type of construction is mainly intended for protection (fencing) of premises against temperature effects, wind, moisture, noise, radiation, etc.

Enclosure structures are made of various materials and are divided into prefabricated and mounted at the construction site.

Prefabricated enclosure structures include sandwich panels, which are widely used in the construction of commercial facilities based on metal or reinforced concrete frame (factories, warehouses, shopping centers, agricultural buildings, sport facilities). Sandwich panel is a material with a three-layer structure consisting of two sheets of rigid material (metal, PVC, fiberboard, magnesite plate) and a layer of insulation between them.

Wall sandwich panels differ in the type of external profile. They can be smooth, simple profiled and decorative profiled (siding and log). Due to the different profile and the ability to choose and combine the colors, these panels do not require additional decorative trim.


The choice of colors

At the request of the customer, the color solution can be selected from the manufacturer’s standard palette or a unique RAL, corresponding to the corporate style, can be used.


Reliable suppliers

We work directly with manufacturers of sandwich panels. We take into account the pricing policy, production time and logistic costs.


Quickly and efficiently

The size of sandwich panels allows to close large areas per unit of time, rather than other materials.

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